Solar Calculator

Solar Calculator

If you are planning to shift the load of house or office to solar power, this calculator helps you in each step. It empower you with accurately calculated decision making in a major expense. Just enter your inputs, the calculator will calculate how much Kilo-Watts (KW) you have to shift to solar and how much will it cost.

Download the Electricity Load Calculator in Excel format and play with it to optimize your solar installation decision. No license, no copyrights. Its free to use, but attribution is must 🙂

3 Ways to Calculate Electricity Load

And three calculators are given in the Excel file for Load calculation with each way. Using this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) calculator, you can estimate your power requirements easily.

1. Calculate Watts

Calculate the Watts of each appliance and sum it up. Simple.

But you may miss the appliances while calculating; so the Calculator contains a list of daily use appliances; along with the rated input in Watts. This will help you a lot.

This method can be used if you have a new house or office and planning from scratch. However, this can also be used to calculate additional load, along with the calculation of existing by other 2 methods.

2. Calculate using Clamp Meter

It’s also simple. Turn on all appliances that you want to put on solar and check the Current running through the main cable using the Clamp Meter.

This method is useable only if you are shifting existing load to solar. And you need costly Clamp Meter. Otherwise, just clap, move to 3rd method.

3. Calculate Watts from Electricity Bill

This is simplest method. If you have already using electricity at some place more than few months, then you can calculate your load by reversing the Units in bill, which are in Killo-Watt-Hours (KWH), to estimate the load required from solar.


First method is for new installations, while others are for shifting existing loads. But in case of existing load calculations, you may need to add up additional load which will be calculated using the first method.

After the watching the video and using the Calculator, you can easily estimate your load by yourself. Enjoy.


The calculator and the contents are provided for information purpose only. This may assist you in your Home-Work before going to professionals and save your time in learning. The power matters are extremely sensitive and hazardous to, not only, the devices but to human lives. Its highly recommended to consult and get installations from the field professionals. The author is not responsible for any outcome of any action based on this information.